Product Design, Dev & Licensing

I really love designing, developing and selling (or licensing) products of my own. My first major release was the Hope Deck, a collection of 30 inspirational postcards. I sold over 15,000 copies of the deck to customers all over the world. I think they did their job 😍

The Hope Deck was printed here in Atlanta by the awesome folks over at Craftsman Printing.

In 2018 I traveled to Canton Fair in Guangdong, China to meet with print and wood product manufacturers. The brushed rose aluminum frame and wood box below were both sourced from China and assembled here in the US.

Canton Fair

I also had this engraved pen sourced in China and bundled it with a Mother’s Day Promotion.

My next two projects were a set of thank you and holiday cards. I sold out the Christmas sets on Amazon within 2 months of getting them in the warehouse – yay!

Another inspirational deck of postcards, this time honoring Women of Influence!